Who can benefit from Muscular Therapy?

pltr_standruliaJust about everyone. Muscular therapy is mostly used in the treatment of specific muscular-skeletal disorders and help athletes perform better. It can also benefit people who don’t have an obvious problem. Muscular therapy corrects posture, relieves tension, helps you sleep better, promotes a general feeling of well being, and relieves the minor aches and pains that we seem to pick up in everyday life.

Athletes intent on taking their game to the next level can truly benefit from muscular therapy by gaining increased flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and better retention of muscular development. Both new and old injuries can be treated and held at bay while allowing you to continue playing. What’s more, afflictions common to a particular sport (tennis elbow for instance) can in many cases be relieved with just one treatment.

People afflicted with permanent muscular-skeletal conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy or fibromyalgia can find relief through regular administration of muscular therapy. In many cases, the therapy will not only help relieve the discomfort associated with these disorders, but can also help improve mobility and overall quality of life.

Will Muscular Therapy Compliment Other Treatments?

Muscular therapy will always compliment other treatments. It’s a “non-competing” therapy method that will actually help speed and improve the results of other treatments. Meilus Muscular Therapy works with many referrals and our patients have found that the added benefits of muscular therapy helps them recover faster with less pain and longer lasting results.

What Makes Meilus Muscular Therapy Unique?

Since its conception, Meilus Muscular Therapy has endeavored to stay on the cutting edge. Not satisfied to simply run a successful clinic, owner Al Meilus is constantly searching for ways to improve his treatment methods and make his therapy more accessible to patients. With the use of patented robotics developed and tested in the clinic, Al is able to treat more patients every week and provide an even more effective session for each and every person.

The Meilus difference goes even further. As the robots became more user friendly and Al’s continued research allowed him to reduce the robots’ actual size, the clinic began an avid campaign to educate patients on how to treat themselves. The robots and a collection of hand-held treatment devices are now allowing patients to take their therapy home with them! For sufferers of chronic disorders, this means the freedom to treat themselves whenever needed. For sports enthusiasts, it means applying the benefits of muscular therapy immediately before a big event.

Most importantly, Meilus Muscular Therapy is run by a man who understands what it’s like to suffer from a debilitating disorder. Having been there himself, Al’s inspiration is unique and his dedication to improving his science is unmatched. Stop by anytime and we’ll show you what Meilus Muscular Therapy is all about. We guarantee we can help!