How it Helps an Average Individual Stop Pain and Regain Flexibility and Strength


Repetitive Work – The dental profession is a repetitive work situation! Most of the skills of the dental practitioner are in one hand. The equipment is typically bolted to the ceiling and floor limiting access.

Dental practitioners are athletes – they become athletes in their profession doing the same repetitive work over and over again.

Shortened Muscles – The muscles then shorten and you lose flexibility, as any body builder knows.

Flexibility – As flexibility is lost and work is performed against the shortened muscles, pain starts.

Pain – Pain will begin as the dental practitioner becomes stuck in their work position. The shoulder that is used most will become higher and be more forward, the hip that is closest to the patient will stick out to the outside and forward.

Low Back/Hip Pain – One side of the body develops low back/hip pain due to the shortened muscles.

Hand Strength – As the hand gripping muscles are used more and more and the opposing muscles are not being used, hand strength goes down, forearm flexors become overused, and carpal tunnel develops.

Tennis Elbow – elbow pain begins and the dental practitioner cannot straighten out the arms, just like the body builder. If the arm cannot straighten out, there is no strength.

Solutions – Lengthen the muscles with the tools that are available from Meilus Muscular Therapy & Sports, allowing you to continue with your profession without pain and loss of flexibility.