Frequently Asked Questions

How does Meilus Muscular Therapy treat back pain and sciatica?

By treating the source, not the pain.  We examine your muscular condition to determine the particular source of your pain and treat that source.

How much does the treatment cost?

$80.00/hr or $155.00 for a two hour session.  If extensive treatment is needed, all day pricing and/or multiple treatment packages are available.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment time depends upon the problem being addressed.  Simple ailments like tennis elbow, headaches, migraines, etc. are relatively quick to correct.  Problems such as low back pain which occur in complex areas of the body take longer to treat.  Treatment time also depends on the individual’s physical attributes.  For example, the taller the patient and the wider his bones, the more muscle area treatment must cover.  Regardless of the severity of the ailment, you will experience an improvement in the first visit.

Does the treatment hurt?

Everyone has a different pain threshold.  Some patients say the machine is soothing while others express discomfort.  If discomfort persists, the robot can be adjusted to a more delicate setting while still achieving results.

Can you treat more than back pain and sciatica?

Yes!  Check “Ailments Helped” under the ABOUT US tab.  You will be surprised by the range of ailments we can treat.  If your concern is not listed, please call us to ask.

Why have I not heard of Meilus Muscular Therapy before?

We have been around since 1994.  There have been multiple newscast stories over the years, newspaper and magazine articles, even a USF documentary on Meilus Muscular Therapy. Our advertising budget is low to nonexistent because the results we offer seem too good to be true. Most referrals come from former and current patients whose opinions others value and trust.  Perhaps you were not aware of us before now because you didn’t need the treatment we can provide.

Why will some get help immediately and others take longer?

The condition and its severity determine the amount of treatment, hence time, needed to resolve it.  For example, tennis elbow is frequently corrected in one visit while some lower back ailments may require up to three or four visits.

I have had back surgery; can the treatment help?

Standard protocol is to wait six weeks after surgery.  Treatment before surgery can lessen surgical issues and reduce recovery time.  Meilus Muscular Therapy is an excellent complement to surgery. While surgery corrects mechanical faults in the body, our treatment addresses those soft tissue elements often neglected (i.e., shortened muscle, ligaments, and tendons).

Is there a clinic near me?

The Home Clinic is in Pinellas Park, Florida.  For other locations, check the Contact page for locations and contact information on this website.

Am I too old/young for treatment?

No!  Meilus Muscular Therapy is a non-invasive treatment which complements all other therapies and medicine making it suitable for all ages.  Our youngest patient was just two months old when he was brought to us suffering from a tilted head since the womb.  Surgeons suggested removing half the child’s shortened musculature as a remedy; in just two visits, Meilus Muscular Therapy corrected the problem non-invasively. Our oldest patient is 100.

What is Meilus Muscular Therapy’s philosophy?

Our credo is simple. We wish only to prove to those suffering unnecessarily that their pain can be controlled, that they, themselves, can control it, that there is always hope for an improved quality of life.

Is Meilus Muscular Therapy credible?

Yes!   You may undergo treatment assured that Meilus Muscular Therapy & Sports, Inc. is a critically reviewed corporation founded upon grants from the Federal Government.  As a prerequisite to receiving these funds, Meilus Muscular Therapy underwent evaluation and assessment by the University of South Florida’s Engineering, Robotics and Medical departments as well as by their MBA program. All technologies employed by Muscular Therapy are protected by method patent, guaranteeing you the most cutting edge robotic treatment available. All claims relating to the effectiveness and results of Muscular Therapy had to be unquestionably proven in order to obtain continued federal funding.

What about other treatments?

As a non-invasive and non-competing therapy method, Meilus Muscular Therapy works in conjunction with and complements nearly every therapeutic and medicinal treatment strategy. Muscular Therapy is simply a powerful new tool for patients to add to their toolbox of current treatments.

How does Meilus Muscular Therapy work?

Pain is due to shortened, knotted muscles.  The robot has a probe arm which is placed on the offending muscle/knot and presses to release the knot and lengthen the muscle.  A computer connected to the probe arm reads the muscle and adjusts the pressure to match the progress being made.

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